SPOC 2014


Talks and Speakers (in the alaphabetic order of speaker's lastname)

Low-rank structured matrix reconstruction from random measurements

Jianfeng Cai (蔡剑锋), University of Iowa, US

On the direct extension of ADMM for multi-block convex minimization problems

Caihua Chen (陈彩华), Nanjing University, China

Wavelet frame transforms and differential operators: bridging discrete and continuum for image restoration

Bin Dong (董彬), University of Arizona, US / 北京国际数学中心

Non-rigid point cloud registration using robust sliced-Wasserstein distance via Laplace-Beltrami eigenmap

Rongjie Lai (赖荣杰), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US

Conditional gradient sliding for convex optimization

Guanghui Lan (蓝光辉), University of Florida, US

Decentralized dynamic optimization through the alternating direction method of multipliers

Qing Ling (凌青), 中国科技大学

A parallel line search subspace correction method for composite convex optimization

Xin Liu (刘歆), 中国科学院

Optimal resource allocation for wireless communications: complexity analysis and algorithm design

Yafeng Liu (刘亚锋), 中国科学院

An efficient algorithm for a class of singly linearly constrained quadratic programs with a variable box

Yongjin Liu (刘勇进), 沈阳航空大学

Edge-preserving regularizations for ECT reconstruction in mesh domain

Yao Lu (陆遥), 中山大学

Non-negative matrix factorization and its optimization

Naiyang Guan (管乃洋), 国防科技大学

Sparse representation of seismic data

Jianwei Ma (马坚伟), 哈尔滨工业大学

Stochastic quasi-Newton methods for nonconvex stochastic optimization

Shiqian Ma (马士谦), 香港中文大学

Constrained total variation deblurring and its ADMM-based fast algorithms

Min Tao (陶敏), 南京大学

Duality gap for large separable saddle point problems

Mengdi Wang (王梦迪), Princeton University, US

Sparse modeling in reconnaissance and imaging

Zelong Wang (王泽龙), 国防科技大学

A proximal gradient method for ensemble density functional theory

Zaiwen Wen (文再文), 北京大学

Augmented Lagrangian method for total variation related problems over triangulated surfaces

Chunlin Wu (吴春林), 南开大学

Convergence of block coordinate update method and its applications

Yangyang Xu (徐扬扬), University of Waterloo, Canada

A general inertial proximal point method for mixed variational inequality problem

Junfeng Yang (杨俊峰), 南京大学

Some open problems in online algorithms

Yuan Yao (姚远), 北京大学

Convergence rates of operator splitting methods

Wotao Yin (印卧涛), UCLA, US

Block-wise alternating direction method of multipliers for multiple-block convex programming and beyond

Xiaoming Yuan (袁晓明), 香港浸会大学

Retinex by higher order total variation L^1 decomposition

Xiaoqun Zhang (张小群), 上海交通大学

  • Student talks:

A primal-dual forward-backward algorithm with nonstandard metrics

Tianyu Wu (吴天宇), UCLA, US

Variants of alternating minimization method with sublinear rates of convergence for convex optimization

Hui Zhang (张慧), 国防科技大学

Proximal iterative hard thresholding methods for wavelet frame based image restoration

Xue Zhang (张雪), 上海交通大学

Adaptive projected gradient thresholding methods for constrained l_0 problems

Zhihua Zhao (赵志华), 西安交通大学


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